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Facebook event:


Sunday 10th December 2017: doors open at 5pm to 12am!!!
Venue: New refurbished bigger & private dance area at second / third floor in Mango Tropical Bar/restaurant/ club 373 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G2 3HU.


Taking over the new refurbished rooms in Mango for this very Special Christmas event, Tumbao Salsa Team will give you a packed programme appealing to new and experienced dancers with 5 dance classes to choose two depending on dance level and choice from: 


PRICE for the FULL EVENT!!! For only £18 you will enjoy the following:

- Two Dance Classes to choose from the five classes running at the event from 5.30pm to 7.30pm 
- Light Buffet served at 7.30pm (Advance ticket required) to curb those devilish cravings and fuel an evening of menacingly good tunes, awesome dancing and so much all-round good Cuban fun!!!
- A compilation CD with some of the best tracks we have played on our Clubs (mainly Salsa, and some Bachata and fun animation songs) 
- Dance Animations (a few line dances mainly led by Cuban professional guest instructors Javier Leonard Franco although the party crew will also take part.
- Dedicated Kizomba room for some practice during the Salsa workshops
- AND of course very important ...The Salsa Party with Cuban Guest DJ Yersin Rivas and resident Tumbao DJs (Farah, Ale, Duncan) 


Ticket I - Full Event: £18
with Tumbao Salsa School 
Sunday 10th December 2017
5.30pm to 12am
Venue: Mango Tropical Bar/restaurant/ club 
373 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G2 3HU
Includes Dance workshops, light Buffet, Salsa CD and Party
Ticket II -: £12 (Buffet, CD, Party)
with Tumbao Salsa School 
Sunday 10th December 2017
7.30pm to 12am
Venue: Mango Tropical Bar/restaurant/ club 
373 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G2 3HU
Includes Buffet, Salsa CD and Party.

Tickets Available from Farah, Duncan and Alejandro at Mango, Boteco or any where you see us just come as ask us!!!

You can also buy your ticket online at Ticket Scotland link:


Please NOTICE: SALSA CD is guaranteed to people who purchase the Ticket in ADVANCE as I need to have enough CDs ready BEFORE the party. 

OTHER WISE you can attend the PARTY ONLY with lots of dance animations and formidable music from guest Cuban DJ Yersin Rivas!!! 
ONLY £6 AT THE DOOR - from 8pm

Dance instructors and DJ for this Special Party:
We are very happy to having two excellent guest Cuban dance performers and instructors coming to teach to this Christmas event. These are: 
The amazing very sensual and charismatic Javier Franco Leonard, who some of you would remember teaching at the Cuban dance Scotland weekend few years ago, an awesome Reggaeton routine which people performed brilliantly at the closing Halloween party. Javier is a professional dancer who was part of the famous Tropicana dance company and the Cuban national TV ballet before moving to England. Javier teaches and performs at salsa weekenders and events around the UK. Javier will be teaching the Salsa Suelta class, one of the Rueda and partnerwork class and lead the party with some of his great animation routines in Salsa and Reageaton!!!

We are also very pleased to bring fabulous Cuban Dance instructors and very popular Cuban DJ Yersin Rivas who will be teaching one of the Cuban salsa classes and also DJ during the party alongside our team. Yersin is one of the top Cuban Salsa DJs and teachers in the UK. We will certainly have a ball with his state of the art music playlist, so bring comfortable shoes and be prepared to dance your socks off!!!

Last but not least, we are very lucky to having the lovely local Kizomba couple –Tom Scott and Kwai Scott who will be teaching an Introduction to Kizomba class to those wanting to learn Kizomba from scratch or those who may still need some practice to get more confident in the social dance. There will be a second session after the class if Kizomba dancers want some practice while the other Salsa workshops take place. 
This is certainly a Fantastic opportunity not to miss to learn and partying with these 4 remarkable dance instructors!!!

We will also have Salsa Classes for Beginners so no Salsa experience required to attending our party!!!!

We will bring you a wonderful night of the absolute best and latest Salsa and the hottest most authentic Salsa night available. Yes there will be a little twist of Bachata and Reggaeton and the Cuban professional dancers will demonstrate the correct way to body shake and why it needs to be done.

Great Salsa dancing, , fun line salsa and reggaeton, dancing Animation, and much more!!!!

Don't miss it. Join us on our Christmas SALSA ROADSHOW!!! The party will be in MANGO BIG private ROOM. The music will be fantastic and you will get a dance floor built for beautiful dancers like you!!!

Our annual Christmas party is always full of fun and a fantastic opportunity to celebrate together among friends and family too! This party is open to all our salsa students, students from other dance schools and you can bring friends, family and partners along too!!


Looking Forward to celebrating Christmas with you all

Farah & Tumbao Team

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