Tuesdays - Cuban salsa and Rueda de Casino classes with Victor Ramírez (1 class £5, 2 classes £7, 3 classes &p)

Tuesday 13th November 2018.19:00
Learn how to dance with a professionally-trained Cuban teacher
Brig Below
96-98 Leith Walk, Edinburgh, EH6 5HB

19:00 Movimiento: footwork, styling, and body isolation techniques to improve your dancing (open level)

19:30 Cuban Salsa Partner Work: learn steps, turns and sequences (Improvers/Intermediate)

20:30 Rueda de Casino: Cuban salsa danced in a circle, swapping partners in time to dance moves called out by a leader ('cantante' in Spanish)

Free Social dancing / practice until 10pm

Prices: 1 class £5; 2 classes £7 (students £6); 3 classes £10 (students £9)


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