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K....hang on here....sounds like your grabbing the end of big invisble stick.... The mature side of me is pre-empting and innocent Q being taken the wrong way and about to be blown out of all things on this board can your "high fiving buddy" Phil is more than capable of confirming with you.

I niether have the time or the desire to upset you or anyone else on this board. I've used this site for over 3 years and in my opinion its an excellent tool of info not to mention a place where friends and strangers share experiences of life and salsa for fun. Don't get me wrong there have been occasions where certain individuals have manipulated topics on here for there own sinister reasons....but these generally sort themselves out in the long run....again Phil will confirm this with certainty!!

I asked the Q of who you where because I was amazed that anyone involved in the Glasgow salsa scene could respond to the "rumour" of Favela poss being closed down with such a cold...who gives a s**t attitude...considering that Favela has housed two of the largest and most successful cuban salsa schools in Glasgow...BUT given that I now know who you are...and where you engage in classes then it no longer surprises me that you couldn't care less.

Me...I couldn't be happier that in Phils opinion you could be the next best thing to sliced bread on the scene....I don't know you....there for have no opinion of you but I do wish you the best of luck & I hope you stick at it. Just try not to take things so personally!! It was NOT my intention to offend you.

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